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Books / Ceux qui ne savent pas donner, ne savent pas ce qu'ils perdent
" Those who do not give, do not know what they lose"
Hunger decimates poor countries but emotional malnutrition devastates rich countries.

In France the number of isolated children keeps growing.

Catherine Enjolet was one of those ill-treated children and in her book she mingles her story with that of other unfortunate children. Through her book, she makes us discover the virtues of fostering which allows for lonely people to meet and care for each other.
  • On one hand, 160,000 children taken away from their family, 2 million poor children, and thousands of endangered children.
  • On the other hand, adults who do not particularly think of adopting but wish to commit themselves to help a child.

The mission of the foster parent is to contribute to the child’s personal development. He can help the child with his homework or spend some time listening to him or doing things together: sharing holidays, sports…

This is a vibrant, generous, convincing book; a book of life which shows more than ever the values of giving. Because giving is receiving.

Catherine Enjolet is one of these children hurt by life who survived her wounds. Self-taught and with the help of her foster parent, she eventually ended up becoming a literature teacher. She created “Fostering Children in France” in 1990. Together with Soeur Emmanuelle she is one of the winners of the prestigious “Clarins humanitarian award”

“Catherine Enjolet changes misfortune into ordeal; one takes you down, the other makes you go further”. Boris Cyrulnik